demonstration garden
Demonstration garden

Through the years UGoGreen has ventured into many different types of charity work. We learned to focus on a couple only, to be able to achieve sustainable changes.

Our current programs involve:

  1. Model farm
    Or demonstration garden as our beneficiaries like to call it. UGoGreen manages a 3 acre farm where different types of coffee is grown on terraces and where beneficiaries can come and see how to prune and fertilize in a different way, giving bigger yields.

    Ground water

    2. Water
    According to the surveys done by UGoGreen, beneficiaries have a strong need for water. Seasons are changing dramatically, and farmers can not count anymore on the rains and sunshine like their grandparents used to do. So they asked to be connected to piped water, as rainwater catching systems are not much good during a dry spell.
    We are working together with the district and government officials to make this happen, as well as collecting funds, as it is a big expensive project!


    3. MyPad
    Initiated and funded by Caroline Dewallens, a teacher from Belgium, school children (boys and girls alike) are being taught how to make their own reusable washable menstruation pads.
    The teachers got an extensive training first, and are now passing it on to their pupils.

    Farmers Training
    Farmers Training

    4. Farmers Training
    Our farmers need and want training, on many different subjects. They have made it clear in our different surveys that they want to be trained on soil fertility, garden management and mixed farming.

    Sponsor kid
    Sponsor kid

    5. Sponsor Kids
    Currently we have 2 children remaining in the program. After finishing a vocational training or higher education, they will find their own way in life, and we will not engage in new sponsor kids.

    Plot 99
    Plot 99

    6. Plot 99 Coffeehouse & Lounge
    An Income Generating Activity for UGoGreen, set up in the heart of Masaka, serving Food with Love.