Can I volunteer at UGoGreen Organisation, or in Uganda?
Of course. See our intern page.

How green is UGoGreen Organisation?
We want to change the world beginning with ourselves. We want to make use of renewable energy (solar, wind, water) where possible. But it’s a big investment. So we will start small with what we already did at home: avoiding waste (you get everything here still in plastic bags), re-use of empty mayo-jars (instead of buying beautiful new glass storage jars), turning of unnecessary lights, economical water consumption, buy local materials, etc.

How do you choose the children who get a scholarship?
This is done in consultation with usually a local leader who knows the situation of most children and knows where the biggest needs are.

Are there enough jobs for professional people?
Absolutely. It’s like in Belgium: Of course everybody wants his child to go for university studies, but if you need a plumber (usually urgent) you have to wait for weeks on a waiting list. There is also a great need for true professionals who work correct and deliver proper and timely.

Is it easy as a foreigner to start a business in Uganda?
No. At first it seems easy, there are many opportunities, but the paperwork is even heavier than in Belgium. There is much corruption or even just civil servants who use their power to refuse your much needed papers, simply because they can.

But that doesn’t stop us!