Plot 99 - Coffee house & Lounge

Enjoy our terrace and soak in the stunning view while surfing the internet for free!

We serve great coffees, herbal teas, soda's, fresh fruit juices, international delis, and alcoholic beverages. Also on offer are gym, aerobics, and massage facilities: come and enjoy after a stressful day at work.
This is where we are: the little green roof on the right side of the road:
google view

Make your reservation now, call 0700 15 16 49 and ask for Lenke.

Another sustainable development project by UGoGreen!


U Go-Green Organisation

U Go Green Organisation is an international organisation dedicated to sustainable development.

We want to serve people.
To serve people we want to create jobs and share our knowledge with them. We want to do that with respect for the local and our own culture, thus trying to find the golden middle to create a better world.

We want to protect the environment by encouraging everybody with sustainable ways of consumption.


Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a student and create a brighter future for the student and his/her family!
We have a bunch of kids waiting for you, see more...